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“Da Djem” is a contemporary experimental jazz/funk/fusion band. We love to groove, compose and improvise. No concert is like the other.



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The Band

“Da Djem” officially was formed in the spring of 2022, while individual band members have played together in the past for over 8 years in different projects. Originally coming together just to jam, it was soon clear to everyone that this constellation bears huge potential.

Shortly after the first own songs were composed and presented to a live audience. The resonance was phenomenal. In “Da Djem” each band member’s musical experience and upbringing has its common denominator in jazz, funk and fusion.

Kristian Stipsich (Guitar)

King of coffee, crazy for his guitar, through and through an obsessed one… Always looks for new sounds… a sound fanatic… ruthless to all determined guitarists!

Konstantin Plachner (Keys)

Konstantin loves to jam – to explore musical expression and ideas with other people.
He has a great love for music from the 80s and otherwise listens to all kinds of genres.
Musically, he likes to see himself as the glue that holds everything together.

Manuel Downer (Bass)

Manuel started playing the bass guitar at the age of 13, influenced by his father who is a hobby guitar player. After starting out in blues, he soon realized that Funk/Jazz is where he belongs to.
His greatest idols in his early years were Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke and especially Victor Wooten.

Kevin Collins (Drums)

Kevin started drumming as a kid playing along to CDs laying around the house. His beginnings in playing are within pop and rock music and soon progressed to funk and soul. His musical horizon was further broadened when being introduced to jazz-fusion.
Some may say he is obsessed with 1970s music of any kind.


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